It’s Been a While…

So I haven’t posted anything in almost 2 years. TWO YEARS. That’s just plain unacceptable but it is what it is. I plan on posting more and maybe even micro-podcasting again. Talk is cheap, we’ll see what actually transpires in 2015. Here are a few detailed updates as to what has been going on in my world (wall of text warning!):

I have to be honest, after moving across the country, I’ve lost my love for the game. I’ve had a few really bad encounters with the WNY airsoft community and it’s left a sour taste in my mouth for the game in general. This has led to a complete departure for me from airsoft. I don’t surf blogs, news sites, keep up with the trends, play in any capacity and even stopped fondling gear. This is 100% my fault because I forgot what airsoft is all about. Friends. The game is what you make it and I unknowingly chose to make it uncomfortable and weird. It’s my solemn resolve to change this and make more of an effort to get over myself and start enjoying airsoft for what it is: a game.

2013/2014 Sucked!
The major reason I dropped out of airsoft in 2014 was due to health. Not mine, my wife’s. In the same year she had to deal with pneumonia which lead to the discovery of cancer. I spent the better part of the year taking care of her and making sure my little family unit stayed intact. Many of my hobbies were put on the back burner and rightfully so. The medical bills (even with private insurance) are staggering to say the least! Now that my wife is on the mend, I can start exploring getting back into the game. Not as deep as I was, but maybe dip my big toe back into the shallow end.

I sold off much of the old OPSEC Airsoft broadcasting hardware when the show shut down in 2012 but kept a few small items “just in case” the podcasting bug ever bit me again. I’m not sure it has but I’m kicking around the idea of doing a short show about airsoft, not nearly as big/complex as OPSEC but something just as fun. Should I? Is there any interest outside of my own? Let me know.

Normally I like to play as apart of a team working together w/sound tactics and clear mission objectives but without said team, it’s near impossible to get that experience from pick-up players. Before my old SoCal team was active, I use to snipe almost exclusively for 2 years. I used a Maruzen Type96 w/a TM MP5K PDW backup and had an absolute blast. I’ve since sold both a while ago but have replacements ready and waiting. This time I’m going for Javelin M24 and KWA KMP9 combo. I’ll be documenting the upgrading of the M24 as parts come in as well as possibly making a new ghillie suit (my old desert-themed ghillie doesn’t do so well in WNY terrain) so be sure to check back for updates.

Going Forward
Now we come to 2015. I’ve come to realize I only have maybe 1 or 2 friends in WNY that actually play airsoft on the regular. It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a small airsoft friend set, like 15 years+. I plan to snipe again and start working on getting back into field shape. Hopefully by May I will be buying new BDUs (ATACS/FG) and hitting the field on the regular.

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  1. Captain Twit says:

    Hey Radar, sorry to hear of the wife’s health troubles, but glad she’s on the mend. As a long time listener (I still remember falling asleep to OPSEC after school ;-)) I can’t encourage you enough to start up podcasting again, I have about a dozen episodes saved and still listen them when road tripping and going yo big games. On a side note, old OPSEC episodes aren’t available online anywhere are they? Kicking myself for not saving more when I had the chance.
    Anyways, as to atacs fg, have a look at multicam tropic too, great temperate camo(at least it works great in Ireland).

    • Radar says:

      Hey Cap’n. My wife gets stronger daily, which in turn makes me stronger. I really do want to podcast again and hearing comments like this motivates and inspires me. There is no active archive online of the complete show that I know of. Maybe I can put something together. Give me some time and I’ll let you know.

  2. Thumpy Covey says:

    You story almost parallels mine, Radar…’cept the “not posting” thing. I posted a lot, SCOOPed news and stayed engaged through the ‘wife cancer scare’ episode. And the good people in this game keep you going, keep you sane. From a former NNY kid to you, many prayers, best wishes for good ‘snipes, and hope to meet you one day soon! THUMPY…OVER!

    • Radar says:

      Thanks Thumpy, I appreciate it and am sorry to hear you had to go through something so similar. Pretty frightening, huh? I’m glad to hear you are still active and keeping up the beat. I don’t know how much sanity I retained, but you are 100% right about the good folks in this game. Meeting up someday soon to chew the same dirt, sling some 6mm death, sounds awesome.

  3. wiggin says:

    Hey Radar,
    I’m really sorry to hear about the scare your wife and you had-I’m glad to hear it is looking better.
    Since moving to Germany, I’ve often thought of your bizarre interest in G36 etc…now that I’ve been here and airsofting on and off the entire time…I still don’t understand…your “airsofting is about friends” perspective, I do get though. I’ve met some great people through playing, and one friend in particular and I seem to get it-our best games involve us lost and out of radio contact sneaking through the woods…this makes for some epic gameplay, and memories. Borderwar, a big game here, was mostly just that.
    As far as podcasting, I’d be the first to encourage you to go for it-that was some good stuff hearing so much “human” non commercial banter about this crazy hobby…so count me as one vote “for”.

    • Radar says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Wiggin. My G36 obsession knows no bounds and really can’t be matched at this point by any other replica. Well, maybe the venerable G3A3 but that’s a whole other discussion. I’m glad my perspective on airsofting being about friends rubbed off on you. I don’t know if the podcasting will still happen, there is a lot of quality content already being produced, not sure if there is a market for my out-of-touch points of view. I haven’t given up yet, but I definitely on the fence still. Again, thanks for the kind words and for commenting, I appreciate it.

  4. moose says:

    Hi Radar,

    I myself moved out of SoCal and was very saddened to find that airsoft is nearly non-existent where I currently reside. I still have all my old gear and longingly stare at it now and then whenever I dig deep enough through my closet. I searched for OPSEC radio today out of curiosity, and as I expected, it was still shut down. Although I don’t play anymore, I would like to encourage you to start a little podcast whenever you can — even just for old times sake. I remember the nights I would spend as a high schooler listening with religious devotion to whole episodes on my PSP — I mustve listened to every episode twice!

    I don’t know your situation, I don’t know anything about WNY, and I don’t even know much about the state of airsoft in general, but I do know one thing: your radio show was a integral part of my time airsofting. I learned about new guns, new tactics, and about how to make friends on the field. Even though you never met me or heard from me, OPSEC radio helped me get the best out of my time airsofting and I know a new show can do the same for somebody somewhere.

    Thanks for the wisdom,

    • Radar says:

      Hey Elipoo,

      I’m glad our little dog and pony show had a positive role in your youth. I’m still not sure if podcasting is right for me, I mean, there is so much quality content being produced that I don’t know if there is a market for my outdated points of view. That doesn’t mean I won’t try and your encouragement definitely helps sway my decision. Thanks again for the comments and for stopping by, I appreciate it.

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