The Javelin M24 Project – Part 1

It’s time to actually start building out the M24 for the upcoming 2015 season. I’ve had this project in mind since 2000, but I’ve been hung up by various other projects and the never ending stream of AEG repairs. Time to stop making excuses and get to it.

I’m mostly a field player. I don’t care much for CQB (or at least haven’t found a CQB facility I really enjoy) so compact/high-speed builds when it comes to airsoft hardware isn’t my thing. Long rifles have always been my thing and a BASR build gets my blood pumping. Here’s my idea for the build:

  • Javelin M24
  • Mueller 3-12 40mm Sport Dot optic
    • Left over from my Maruzen Type96 platform. A quality RS part that I cherish.
  • PDI Snow Wolf M24 Hop Up Chamber
    • The biggest fail on the Javelin/SW M24 is the hop up unit. This PDI drop in replacement will not only add the much needed stability/accuracy needed for sniping but will also allow AEG buckings & barrels! Bonus!
  • Madbull Black Python Inner Barrel – 6.03mm diameter, 509mm length
    • 6.03 vs 6.01 for accuracy… we’ll have to see how this pans out.
  • Falcon Snow Wolf M24 Silencer Adapter
    • To accomodate the longer inner barrel, I will have to run a suppressor. I think I already have one I can use but we’ll see once it’s all together.
  • AIM Sports Harris Type Bipod
    • I know.. dead weight but I actually use my bipod.. I do.. stop judging me!

You may have noticed I listed some Snow Wolf M24 parts in my list.. because the rifles are cross compatible if not identical. I’m still working on the internal build when it comes to FPS and reliability, but I’m pretty sure I want to keep the FPS right around 480-500. Here’s my list so far:

  • King Arms Reinforced Piston for APS-2
  • Guarder Precision Piston Head for APS-2
  • Angel Custom APS-2 Ball Bearing Spring Guide (7mm and 9mm)
  • Angel Custom SP150 Spring

I was going to do new sears right away but I keep hearing how beastly the stock sears are. I plan on using the stock sears until they fail, so who knows how long that’ll be. Maybe I should just pick up the enhanced sears for when the stock ones wear out.

I hope to have this project done by April/May so I can use it in time for the 2015 season. Most of the parts are already in or are enroute, so the actuality of making my deadline is a reality. After it’s complete, then comes the BB/weight testing, zeroing and testing. Should be a fun project/series to be sure to check back occasionally for progress reports.

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