Welcome to The Airsoft Pope Show, a podcast dedicated to the game of airsoft.

A long time ago, I use to run / host a podcast named OPSEC Airsoft Radio so I’m not new to the podcasting game. That show ran it’s course and now it’s time for something new. I plan on talking about pretty much anything / everything airsoft-related that peaks my interest. As to the format, nothing is set in stone so becoming stale shouldn’t be a problem. Maybe guest co-hosts, maybe special guests.. the door’s wide open so we’ll have to see how it goes.

There are a few ways to listen to the show: Stream from the web, direct download, iTunes. Once a show is published, a post will be made on the blog with the show details and how you can listen.

Feedback / Contribute
Feel like you have a good topic for discussion? Want a subject covered or expanded upon? Need to rage on me for a subject I got totally wrong? This is where your input is needed and quite frankly, pretty valuable. I’ve set up a simple contribution page so you can get your voice heard.

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